Stress free double parking.

A simple, secure, and anonymous double-parking assistant.

No sign up required.

Block people in without sitting in your car.

You recieved your doublepark tag and would like to double-park. Now what?

We hate signing up for things, so we made getting started as easy as sending a single text.

01. Register your doublepark code
Register your unique 4-digit code by sending a registration text to us. Ex:
register dp12
02. Place your double park tag on the dashboard
We recommend you place your tag on the side of the dashboard nearest to the curb, this way the people you've blocked in can see that you're using doublepark. Ensure it's yellow side up.

Interested in being a doubleparker. Get your tag.

Ask people to move, anonymously.

You're blocked in and need someone to move.

Lucky you, the person who blocked you in was kind enough to use doublepark. And why wouldn't they, it's free and takes 25 seconds to use.

01. Tell doublepark who's blocking you
Text us the 4 digit code you see on the double park tag. Ex:
02. We notify the blocker
We let the blocker know they're blocking someone in and get you out of there in a jiff.

Interested in being a doubleparker. Get your tag.

For the good of our species.

Stop waiting in your car while double parking.

The service is completely free for now.

If you found a doublepark card on your windshield, you’re in luck!

If you found us on the internet and are interested in the service. Let us know.

We consider this a public service. We’re not in it for bread alone 💸.

If the service gets too costly, we'll probably reach out to those who use it and figure out a solution.